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Life Enrichment Event Calendar

Resident Calendar

Skilled Nursing & Rehabilitation in Hillsdale, MI

Download a .pdf version of our calendar to print off!


Our Life Enrichment & Social Programs

At Hillsdale County Medical Care Facility, the Life Enrichment team focuses on providing a wide variety of scheduled and spontaneous activities each and every day.


As a registered Eden Alternative Home following the practices of its founder, Dr. Bill Thomas, we believe that our elderly should never face loneliness, helplessness, or boredom. We strive to discover the social, emotional, and spiritual needs and interests of each resident and provide activities that hold meaning and lead to enjoyment, supportive new relationships, and a healthy sense of well-being.

Here are just a few of the activities our Life Enrichment team offer:

Bingo and other games

Resident support and council meetings

Cooking group

Happy hour

Exercise group

Sing along


And many more!

Our residents can relax quietly in their rooms by reading, watching TV, talking to other people, knitting, playing games, or doing other things. They can also choose to take part in programs. Our activities are adapted to the physical and cognitive needs of the individual so that all may participate, considering their ability.



A trip to the Alligator Sanctuary in Athens proved to be a fun experience of watching and learning all about alligators and turtles. Some of our brave folks even held them!



The week of the Kentucky Derby we held our own race complete with horses, jockeys, roses, beautiful hats, derbies and the crowd to cheer them on. This was truly a comedy act with a whole lot of “horsing” around!

Intergenerational Relationships

We had a wild and crazy afternoon of Whack -a- Mole with employee’s children and pool noodles! So much laughter from the young and young at heart!


Fashion Show

Staff surprised the residents by adding a very definite twist to this show. The goal was to dress as outlandish as possible. As you can see the goal was reached!


Everyday Life

We are living each day as a new beginning. Visiting with our friends and families, playing games, going on outings, doing crafts, having picnics, attending religious services, loving our pets and enjoying entertainment. You just never know what we will be up to!


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Laurie Newell, ADC, CEA, Life Enrichment Director

I would love to tell you more about our Life Enrichment and Eden Alternative Programs. If you have questions, please phone me.  We look forward to enriching your loved one’s Life! 

Laurie Newell

Life Enrichment Director


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