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Friends for Seven and a Half Decades!

Recently one of our residents (Edith) had a very enjoyable three-way phone call from Doris and Joan her friends of more than 75 years.

According to Doris, for the 2 years 1945-1946 they went to Thornton Fractional HS in Calumet City, IL. Edith & Joan were neighbors. They were all living in Lansing IL and would take a bus to the high school. The three of them were close friends but then Edith moved away to Michigan after Sophomore year, as they remember it. Doris lost touch with Edith, but Joan always kept in contact with Edith. It has remained that way until now. Doris eventually moved to Houston TX in the early 1970’s where Joan’s family lived. Joan and Doris now live next door to each other at the Farrington Tanglewood Assisted Living facility in Houston TX. Joan’s daughter and Verlane (a Life Enrichment Associate at HCMCF) helped the ladies participate in the call. They enjoyed the reminiscing and have plans to phone each other on a regular basis. These photos of the ladies as Freshman/Sophomore year in in High School (1945/1946).



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