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Lighthearted activities to promote normalcy!

Bringing the Fair to us!

Since we couldn’t go to the Hillsdale County Fair this year, We brought the fair to us! The week included a parade, fair bingo, cotton candy, caramel corn, corn dogs, footlong dogs and ice cream!

It is important (maybe now through the corona virus, more than ever) that we provide some spontaneous lighthearted activities in an attempt to promote normalcy.

A favorite is room to room deliveries. Using a decorated cart, we deliver frozen treats while playing ice cream truck music, happy hour beverages with a 1960’s sing along, cotton candy, chocolate, popcorn and coming soon are snow cones and Wendy’s Frosties.

Remote control car racing was a big hit also!

Our residents continue to enjoy and are finding comfort through video calls and window chats with their loved ones. To set up a call or to e-mail a resident, please contact Laurie Newell Life Enrichment Director at 517-439-2830 or

Through this difficult time of the Corona virus, you, our community have been phenomenal with your gifts and donations of protective equipment, meals and snacks, gift cards, notes, prayers, snow removal (from employees cars) and the Emergency Services parade. We appreciate this support more than we could ever say. Thank you sincerely from all of us at Hillsdale County Medical Care Facility.



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