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Guidelines for outdoor visits

Updated: Jun 6, 2022

We are very excited to announce that the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services issued guidelines regarding “outdoor visits” on 9-10-2020. There is a link to the Director’s Executive Order at the end of this notice. Please click on the link and read the “order”. The facility has been ready for this day to come and has included a link to our “Outdoor Visiting Policy and Procedure” below and on our Facebook page. Please understand that when visits begin, they will be scheduled ahead of time by our Life Enrichment Department and per the Executive Order there will be infection control protocols at every step of the process. We will begin with spouses, and responsible parties visiting first. Of course, if a Resident wishes to visit with anyone in particular, it is their right to do so. Because we will be operating under strict guidelines, it may take a few days for you to get an appointment, but please be assured you will be visiting soon.

One last VERY IMPORTANT point for now, the ability for us to have “limited outdoor visits” is entirely dependent on continued “negative” test results. In the event we have a “positive” case in the building, in-person visits will be placed on hold once again. Window visits and video chats will continue throughout this process and will be scheduled in the same manner they have from the beginning. We have all waited for “the day” to come and it appears to be in sight. I can tell you firsthand that the residents are as excited as you are to see their family and friends again. Please follow our Facebook page for more updates.


Terry Esterline, LNHA


Hillsdale County Medical Care Facility



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